Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Cider Time

This fall, Michaela decided it would be totally rad to make our own hard cider. Not sweet, girly cider, but French-style crisp cider. The kind that, prior to proper water sanitation methods in the 19th century U.S., was a more common beverage than water.

Ever heard of Johnny Appleseed? He wasn't planting "eating" apples, folks. He was planting apples for people to drink and get happy on.

So that's what we're doing. Making happy cider.

This past weekend was Phase 1: The Picking of the Apples. We picked 300 pounds of dry-farmed heirloom apples.

We're pretty excited about our apple selection. A variety of heirloom apples should do nicely for the type of cider we're after.

In a few weeks, we'll start the apple pressing process. We're currently researching the yeast strains we want to add to get the desired crisp, yet slightly sweet, lightly carbonated cider that will make us the most popular  brewing girls ever.

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