Monday, September 12, 2011

Ray. Oh. Live.

Hi! Time for my seasonal blog post. Sad, but true. Blogging falls off the priority list these days. HOWEVER, I did want to post a particular high-spot in my life. I saw Ray. Live.

I've been a Ray La Montagne fan since I first heard his music, back in 2006. I still remember vividly the first time I heard him. I had just moved to North Carolina, and his music peppered my almost 3-year stay there.
To this day, when I hear him, I think of seasonal, crispy leaves that fall in the autumn, windy singletrack, and how the air there becomes electric during summer thunderstorms.

Seeing him in concert has been on my "To Do in Lifetime" list for a while now, and I finally got the chance, this past Friday, in Berkeley.

My seats weren't great, but the acoustics were wonderful, and I was in music bliss for the hour and a half that he treated us to his mastery.

His voice--scratchy and soulful--filled the outside space. His crafted lyrics were even more poignant live, and though he fumbled through the moments when he had to stop singing and address the crowd, it made his raw singing even that more special. He unwrapped his gift and left it there, for the audience to unravel and take.I found it interesting that it was so uncomfortable for him to speak, yet he showed us his story--his heartbreaks, losses, and hopes--by sharing his lyrics and baring his voice.
I wish he could have played all night.

If he comes to a venue near you, don't miss his show.