Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's Le Tour. And I'm not at the Party

One of the most disappointing things to me is when July sneaks up and I can't watch the Tour EVERY DAY. Unfortunately, sadly, this is the first July in many, many years where I haven't even watched one blessed stage.

Have you ever had that experience where all of your closest friends are throwing a huge party and you can't go? They send you text messages and pics throughout the evening, just taunting you with the raucous fun they're having. You get that left-out, devastated, sinking feeling because you can't be there.

Well, basically, I get that feeling every day for three whole weeks when I'm not watching the Tour on the tele. I'm missing out on participating in my most favorite festivity of bike racing glory.

So get to the tele and watch it woman! you're saying, right?

I wish it were so simple. I spent the first week on vacation in a spot with no internet access, which was perfect and lovely--yet frustrating because I didn't see the opening stages. And now, I'm in my hometown working on a time-consuming project, with yet again no tele access and my internet time is limited.

Anyhow. I just wanted to share my lament that I'm sitting on the sidelines all month, and it's not-so-fun. I still love Le Tour. I'll blog about it ... eventually.

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sister said...

It really stinks that you're not blogging about the tour, because that is the only way I usually keep up. We're definitely missing your posts!