Friday, June 17, 2011

A writing living

I begin my day early with some strong coffee. Almost-summer mornings mean that light reaches through my windows before 6, taking me out of sleep. I settle in and knock out my more serious projects--business content for clients, blogs, or website copy. I research, I look for themes, and I try to pull out a story that draws people in--even if the subject doesn't scream "glamorous."

I carefully play within the confines of proper grammar but am comfortable enough with our beastly, cumbersome English that I can bend the rules just enough. To add expression. To make a point. I enjoy the methodical process of extracting key points and knitting together a thesis.

By evening, I'm ready for the creative work--true copywriting (ad copy), or for non-client work, poetry. Wine is a pretty fantastic creative elixir.

Ad copy and poetry are my favorite mediums to work in. The copy editor in me is allowed to throw out sentence parsing. By breaking the very rules designed to foster order and provide structure, I'm able to inject new forms of meaning. Fragments and misused (or absent) punctuation add a remarkable tone to otherwise lifeless constructions.

By the end of the day, I'm poured out and released. I go to bed fulfilled that I created and built text.

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