Friday, August 20, 2010

Ray, Wine.

Ray LaMontagne just released his latest album, “God Willing & the Creek Don’t Rise.” It is red wine. His music, to me, is always red wine. I hear it, and I basically run to the nearest grocery store to buy a bottle so I can listen and absorb his artistry.
His newest creation is less belty than his previous albums. His lyrics are even more contemplative, and his band mixes in some old-time country twang to some of the tracks. Listen to “New York City’s Killing Me” and you just might realize, as I have, that it’s one of the more catchy songs you’ll ever hear.
His two break-up songs, “Are we Really Through” and “This Love is Over” are utterly raw and heartbreaking and full. Do not listen to this album while you’re riding your bike or trying to exert energy in any form. You will swerve off the road, sit in a ditch, and most definitely wish you had a bottle of red wine in your water bottle cage. Techno would have been a better choice for said activity. Or reggaeton.
But if you want to spend your evenings immersed in soulful crooning and your mornings with a somewhat regrettable wine headache, then Ray’s album is for you. I’ve mapped out my next week to be filled with the above activities. It happens every time Ray releases an album: I listen to it incessantly until my head and liver and heart are crying “Mercy! woman! get a life!” And then I’m forced to hit shuffle, instead of “artists/Ray LaMontagne” on my iPod.
But I still have a full week to enjoy.

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