Friday, July 02, 2010


Hi Joanna, Thanks for signing up for the Versus Tour Tracker. The Tour de France begins July 3rd and now you won't miss a minute of the live action in HD. Log into the Tour Tracker beginning July 3rd: The Tour Tracker is as close to the Tour de France without a passport. 23 Days. 21 Stages. 3,600 kilometers. All at your fingertips. Thanks again, Versus

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It means that the eccentric cycling universe, most of whom are not into TV, and/or don't have cable, will now have a new way to watch the Tour! No more endless Internet surfing looking for ways to poach Europe's online coverage! No more sitting in bars and trying to fight for Versus coverage against people who want to watch baseball!
I have spent the last FIVE SUMMERS fruitlessly wandering around during the whole month of July trying to find a place to watch the Tour every night. Wait, take that back--I believe in '07 I went to my office every night and watched it there. Anyways, July is my favorite month, because of the Tour, but it's also my most frustrating because I have yet managed to find perfectly accessible Tour coverage ON DEMAND.

Thank god Versus finally got with the Internet TV program and is offering it online. That was the best $30 I ever spent.

July. Ahhhhh. This will be a good one, indeed.

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Tamara said...

How nice of them to bring on-demand coverage for your 30th birthday. See, what did I tell you about rounding the corner once you hit the big 3-0!