Friday, July 09, 2010

Sprinters. Breakaways. Flat normal stages.

Not much to report for the last 3 days of racing. Typical ho-hum-dee-dum flat stages of breakaways getting caught somewhere in the 3k-6k range. Cav finally pulled out two wins--wept on the podium. That was ... well, I'm sure everyone cleared their throats a bit as they saw that one.

Tomorrow, MOUNTAINS. Oh yes, the first day in the mountains. In between doing a 4-hr mt. ride with my friends, and celebrating MY 30th BIRTHDAY, I'll be salivating on my laptop keyboard as I watch the very-cool Versus On-Demand feed to see Contador dish out some DOLOR.


I've included a token picture of Cancellara. You're welcome.

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Tamara said...

I'm sure Canellara will call you on your birthday and wish you a happy 3-0! But just in case he doesn't, I will. Happy birthday, darling sister. Welcome to a great decade of life!