Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's the Tour of California, and I'm not blogging about it.

Well, life seems to repeat itself, doesn't it? It's the Tour of California, and once again, I find myself without adequate Versus coverage to watch the race, and I also find myself madly trolling for men in the peloton who may have Versus coverage and who don't mind if I flirt with them to get me my TV-coverage fix. I NEED TO BLOG ABOUT IT. IT'S IMPORTANT. So far, I have some leads, but haven't yet found a couch on which to watch the race. It's only a week race--I need to act quickly.

One thing I will say: Ol' California--you threw a wrench into the race organizer's plans by letting some rain slip into the May forecast, didn't ya? Anomalous weather, for sures--but, at least the directors can take comfort in the fact that it's POURING at the Giro, so next year, ToC organizers can advertise it as the "drier" May race.

In other news, it's also my yearly bike shuffle time. I've been in this pattern lately of selling off bikes/frames once a year so I can upgrade for lighter carbon-y goods. The older and slower I get, the more I need to compensate by spending money to save grams, right? My latest purchase? A CARBON BLUR XC. Oh, yes, I did.

Orbea and Juliana frame will be financing this latest purchase. I now have a 23lb full-suspension bike--and if I upgrade the pedals and headtube, I can probably get it into the 22 lb range. If anyone wants to contribute to my "new brakes fund" (my 30th birthday is coming up, yo), I may break into the 21 lb range.

Watch out, spindly-legged college racers. You may be young and ripped, but I'm older and have more CARBON.

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Tamara said...

What is your carbon footprint :)