Monday, May 03, 2010

Big Sur Weekend and that pesky poison oak

So because SLO, in all of its perfection, isn't gorgeous enough already, a large group of us headed up to Big Sur, 70 miles north, for some camping.

This, friends, is Big Sur (and also some really bad photography. This is a WRITING blog, okay?):

Rugged coastline, mountains next to the sea that jut up 2,000 feet (or so) into the air, redwoods, and stunning beaches. For 50 miles. Oh, and no development, whatsoever. It's a special place.

The occasion was my good friend Chris's birthday. So Friday night, we packed up our various bikes, surfboards, food, beer, and camping supplies and caravaned up the coast.

Saturday started off with a 12-mile climb up Nacimento-Ferguson road. Most of us were on mt. bikes, so we rode down a "trail" that was sort of a trail. Picture riding down a very steep grassy mountain that feeds straight into the ocean. That was the top of the descent. Then we hit the "singletrack" section, which obviously isn't ridden enough, because it was quite overgrown with poison oak (do you see where I'm going with this?) and branches. But it was FUN. And because most of us believe we're invincible while on a mt. bike, we rode straight through it. When we got back to the campsite, our invincibility cloaks wore off, and we madly scrambled for Tecnu and water to scrub our poison-oak covered EVERYTHING. Annnd, it didn't work so well. But seriously, that descent was worth it. It's not every day you get to ride down a mountain that feeds you straight into the ocean.

We watched the guys hit their surf session after the ride:

On Sunday, Yukie and I decided since the boys were hungover and didn't bring their road bikes, they should drive home and we would ride. We enjoyed a stunning coastal jaunt, peppered (mostly) by a tailwind. Five hours later, we arrived in SLO.

It was a massively fun weekend. It was Big Sur.

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