Monday, January 04, 2010

The E.F.H.* Training Camp Week

My company most generously gave us a full week-and-a-half off of paid vacation for the Christmas/New Year's holiday. Annnnnd I went to SLO. Guess who joined me? C, from N.C. Remember him? He's kind of like bath-shower mold--he never quite goes away.** Anyhow, that's such a long story that I probably don't have enough storage space on this blog to go into it, so I won't.

So, because mt. biking and living with my parents seem to be the big themes in my life right now, we spent 6 awesome days mt. biking on the rocky-rockiness of the SLO trails. Mr. N.C. was quite surprised that it was possible to be riding up mountains, while staring at the blindingly-sparkling ocean. He loved it. I loved it. And amazingly, the two most accident-prone people on the planet didn't crash--not once. Which was a fortuitous happening, because C just had his nose re-built by a surgeon after suffering ill-effects from an unfortunate incident this past summer, whereby he introduced his face to a guard rail during a road ride. I was most pleased he didn't undo the effects of his facial surgery.
For New Years? We went to bed at 8:30. Caveat: We rode 3 big mts. on a 5 1/2 hour ride. (In those pics? We're not being nerds. Our hand signals display which mt. we were on.) We were a bit worn-out.

The only mishap, really, was my run-in with poison oak. Lots of poison oak. My legs currently resemble something similar to cottage cheese and cotton candy. The welts are that attractive. I spent a few uncomfortable moments today at the office trying not to conspicuously scratch my ass and calves.

C, in addition to his suitcase, also took home my our dog. Wow. That was an emotional event. I was crying two days before they even loaded up on the plane. I find it interesting how I'm typically the type of person who will cry, maybe, once a year. But if something happens to my dog? I turn into a total girl.

* We christened our week the Every F#*^#% Hill week, because that's what we rode.
** Ha ha. JOKING. I love that man.


Tom Bailey said...

You have some great OC trail information and LA too. Very inspiring stuff.

Best regards,
Tom Bailey

Tamara said...

Okay, I love the comparison of C to mold. That was funny, and yes, I know you love him and he loves you, yaddayadda. Thanks for explaining the hand/numbers thing, I was starting to worry...Glad you had fun. Too bad mold is so stuck in his, I mean its, ways...