Monday, December 21, 2009

Palm Canyon Trail Epic

Palm Canyon Trail Epic. Obvious, no?

Rugged country, that desert is.

This past weekend, the boys and I drove to the Palm Springs area to hit a point-to-point trail in the desert mountains. With the exception of my crash, that occurred 20 minutes into our 5-hour ride, it was a spectacular day. I sideways endoed (would you call that a sidedo?) down an embankment. How was I rewarded for my acrobatics? A nice little cactus. Bum, meet cactus. Cactus, meet bum.

All-in-all, beautiful day. The trail was far more technical than I had anticipated, but I was proud of myself for shutting off my brain enough (Brain: What the F#*%! You can't go over those rocks! Me: No cognitive processing today, brain!) to get through all the rock gardens un-scathed.

Enjoy the pics.

P.S. For Christmas, I would like some sharper tweezers.

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