Monday, December 14, 2009

A beautiful weekend.

This past weekend, Southern California got rain and more rain, and did I mention lots of rain? But, my, did we need it around here. Northern California should offer loud clap clap claps for the 1 less inch of precipitation So. Cal will need to rob from them this year. So, anyhow, despite the rain, I made my way up to SLO for the Winter edition of the Little 500.

To truly share the experience with you, I made a home video for you.
I'm very proud. This is my first effort at movie making!
BTW, stop adjusting your volume. There's no sound. It's my first effort.

What you just saw there was an attempt by our tandem Jazzercise! team to get started in all of the mud. It's difficult sometimes.

So besides the fun time at the Little 5 oh oh, the crew and I threw together a spontaneous meal that consisted of the following:

Squid stuffed with chorizo, queso fresco, and roasted red peppers

Mushroom risotto

Calamari* soaked in lemon juice and red pepper flakes, lightly grilled

Purple and white steamed cauliflower

Marinated mushrooms

Margaritas with freshly squeezed lemons

Goat leg, grilled and stuffed with garlic and rosemary

Pretty fantastic, huh? Now you see why I take so many trips north.

The next day, we burned off that fabulous dinner, and our hangovers, with a beautiful ride through Montana de Oro. The sun came out, rainbows appeared**, and the sparkling ocean was visible from the trail.

It was a beautiful weekend.

* Sometimes it's squid. Somtimes we call it Calamari. It depends on how Italian we're feeling. But the soaked version definitely seemed more Italian.

** Sadly, there were no unicorns frolicking about.

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tamara said...

I bet there were unicorns, you were probably too sober to see them. Love the outfits, btw.