Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November Mornings and The Big Road Trip.

This morning, I loved Southern California. I woke up at 5:30 to get in an 1 ½ hour ride before work, and you know what? In mid-November, I can totally do something like that. It wasn’t freezing, and I dug seeing that big sun come up. Knee warmers and a light jacket—that’s all I needed. I rode crossy-cross bike to some good dirt climbs, got my elevation gain in, and rode home.
It was not too cold in November to do that.

After living for three years in a place with very distinct seasons, I’m still a little thrown-off around here. It’s November? Really? Because all the leaves are still hanging on the trees, and though the days are shorter, really, the only difference is that the sun is perched at a different angle in the sky.
I can’t say I miss the seasons. Nope. Not at all.

Next week, I’m embarking on The Big Road Trip. My buddy, Tyler, and I are driving up to Oregon with our mt. bikes and skis. Our plan is ambitious: I’ll drive up to SLO on Tuesday night, get Tyler, and we’ll drive up to Santa Cruz that night. Stay with his folks. We’re going to hit the big dirt loveliness of singletrack that Santa Cruz is renowned for on Wednesday morning. Then, we’re going to hop in the car for 12 or so hours until we reach Eugene. We’ll stay with my sister, find some more singletrack, eat some turkey (or, I’m hoping, Indian food or something tasty like that—I’m totally banking on her being unconventional and treating us to some flavor), then we’ll hit the road again. We’ll either stop in Portland for some riding, or go straight to Mt. Hood for some skiing.* Then, we’ll embark for Bend. We have a mutual friend who lives there, so we’re going to crash with her while we explore the singletrack that Bend has to offer. Following that, we’ll be on the road for a solid, I don’t know? Fourteen hours of driving to SLO? It’s going to be a haul, for sures. But I’m hoping we’ll destroy our legs with all of that singletrack and skiing, so that by the time we get back in the car, we’ll be like, yeah.

*Sidenote to my brother: If you’re reading this, we’re crashing at your place while we’re in Hood. Hope that’s okay.

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tamara said...

Oh great, just put the pressure on for making a tasty thanksgiving meal. The only thing I have planned so far is what we'll be drinking. I have wine, beer, liquor, glogg and coffee. Still can't believe that t-day is, um, next week. I'm totally focused on that half-marathon Jim and I are running on Saturday, not on what we'll be eating....Looking forward to seeing you.