Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The next event.

One of my best buddies, Chris, sent me this pic today. It was taken at the Little 500, a few months ago. I love this picture. Bishop Peak is in the background, and it's just such a cool picture in its simplicity.
Up next on my radar? This weekend's 24, no, make that 25-hr. mt bike race. I'm heading up to the Santa Ynez valley to meet with my SLO crew for what's sure to be a wild race. Fifteen of my closest SLO friends will be there, divided up into 3 teams. My teammates and I have christened our crew the Tecates Not Trainers team. We won't be sitting on trainers in between laps trying to keep warm. I think you can figure out what we'll be doing in our downtime.
But Internet, the planning that is going into this race is so sophisticated. All of these e-mails about what Yukie, our team mom, should cook; whether we should rent a generator to power our speakers; how much beer will be sufficient; whether we should all don red body paint or just decorate our bikes with Tecate cans, etc.
I'll post after this weekend and let you know how team TNT fared.

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Tamara said...

How are you going to leave the west coast? Seriously. Everything you love is here, not there...