Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kambucha buzzzzzzz

I have become a total and complete, $20/week Kombucha addict. Komb-what? You ask? I learned about Kombucha this summer, my first week after arriving back in California. A friend of me told me about it, and the same week, another friend was talking about it and showing me his home-brewed version. At first I wasn’t convinced. Kombucha is a Chinese-fermented tea that definitely has an acquired taste, but the health benefits are awesome. It took me a few bottles to get accustomed to it, but now, Internet, I’m hooked. Kombucha has a very slight alcohol level—they claim it’s only 0.5% on the bottle, but for some reason it goes straight to my head and gives me that nice, relaxed ahhhhh. It’s my preferred drink at the office.

Kombucha is made from a fermented culture—it’s a bit gross looking, actually, when you see it in action before it’s strained. But it’s filled with probiotics, B Vitamins, and antioxidants. Anecdotally , it cures cancer. I’ve found that the flavored versions mask the very strong culture flavor. My current favs are Mango and Cranberry.

Unfortunately, the stuff isn’t cheap. Another girl at work is a self-proclaimed addict, so every Monday, we head to the closest health food store and stock up for the week. At $3.50 a bottle, it adds up, so I’ve had to start calculating Kambucha into my weekly grocery bill as one of my must-have things. I figure,
A. instead of spending money on vitamins, I can just buy Kombucha, and
B. I don’t have to sneak a flask into the office to get my buzz.*


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Tamara said...

We love kombucha. In fact our neighbor brews it and often tries to get us to make our own. I always decline as I cannot take on another project, no matter how tasty or healthy. It's a little like drinking apple cider vinegar and gin. We'll have a kombucha toast when you come up for thanksgiving...