Thursday, September 24, 2009

Office for the Day.

This is my view today from where I'm working. I'm in Miami, but since my job supervising a morning TV program fashion show is complete, I'm now bunked at my good friend's house "working." Business travel isn't all that bad--I've been putting in long days, straddling both East/West Coast time zones and demands from clients on each coast, but the upside is that I have so much freedom. I can sit by the pool with my laptop, go for a run in the middle of the day (hint--don't try it in this climate), or chill with wine and my computer while I reply to frenzied e-mails from either coast.
This is my first trip to Miami. It worked out really well, actually. My dear friend Katie, whom I worked with in NC, now lives here, so it's a free trip to come stay with her.
Business travel all the time would for sures get old--esp. because I can't just grab my bike and go while on the road, but it's actually a great break from my routine and sitting in at the office all day.
It's very interesting being in a new city--it's almost inspiring that familiar wanderlust itch that has led me to live in multiple locales the past 10 years. I love the process of figuring out a new place and doing something entirely novel. But I'm finally learning that I love California, and even when I gripe about the abundance of people and lack of summer rains, it has an undeniable hold on me.
Miami reminds me very much of Costa Rica and Nicaragua--it's tropical, and the way the buildings are constructed, and the Latin influence--so very similar. I loved CR and Nicaragua. But I know that I couldn't live in a place like Miami, even though it conjures up great memories of my time in Central America. For one, it's flat. No mountains, no thanks. And even though I'm intrigued by all the green and palm trees and dynamic skies, after a few months here I would be all OAK TREES AND BROWN GRASS. OH, AND THROW IN SOME VINEYARDS. So I'll stay put.
But you know? Business travel every so often could be a very good thing. It may help satisfy my curiosity to experience the new.

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tamara said...

work, shirmk. I want to hear about all your evening escapades which I hope included lots of salsa dancing and good tequila.