Monday, September 28, 2009

Miami Re-Cap: The Not-so-Restful Vacation

I’m on the plane back from Cuba South America Miami*, feeling quite sleepy, but unable to rest, thanks to the fact that my knees are smashing the seat in front of me, and some rich espresso from this morning is still somehow working and blocking my brain from shutting off.
I was envisioning more of a restful vacation—the kind where I could linger in bed, sleeping in, followed by going to the beach, swimming in warm water, and pausing to refuel at good restaurants-- perhaps interrupting my sleep with the occasional Cuban coffee. Fueled by the caffeine, I would see some sights in Miami, but return to Katie’s condo for some more, you know, rest.
All of the above occurred, but I find myself still quite un-rested, and, I would say, on the verge of exhaustion. I worked a few 14 hour days, but took comfort in the fact that at least once I got to my Katie’s condo after the work wrapped up, I would be able to sleep off the fatigue.
Night 1: We went out. She took me to Coconut Grove, a self-proclaimed hip neighborhood in Miami. We ate great sushi, and for some weird reason, the numerous sake bombs and mojitos failed to reach my brain, signaling me to stop through the fuzzying of my thinking and robbing of my coordination. Instead, what occurred was … nothing. No buzz, no register. Assuming that the mojitos were probably missing the rum component, I happily sipped on Katie’s wine. This is, of course, a blatant no-no, and a sacred rule that every college freshman (or in my case, high school freshman) learns, and actually retains: Do Not Partake in the Mixing of Different Forms of Alcohol. A particularly bad decision: mixing the sweet syrupy mojitos with rich red wine and, uh, sake bombs. I basically broke every rule.
It became very obvious a few hours later. In-between clinging to the wall in hopes that it would stop my world from spinning, and waking up with tile grout marks embedded in my face cheeks, I understood that certain rules stand and should be respected for a reason. A little fun fact I learned (don’t read this next sentence if you’re eating, particularly if your sustenance originates from the isles of Japan): Sushi nori, you know, the seaweed that houses your rice and raw fish? That stuff doesn’t digest well. Even in my un-brillant and thinking-I-would-never-drink-again-state, the sight of the rectangular nori coming back up was oddly fascinating.
All-in-all, the night ended rather unfortunately, and because I spent the wee-morning hours getting acquainted with the taste of stomach bile, I understandably was not in the best shape the next day. Even though I slept in, I wouldn’t say I felt, “rested.” We decided the beach would surely revive us, so we lugged our umbrellas, towels, and magazines to South Beach.
Last time I went to the beach with Katie, in Charleston, South Carolina, I ended the vacation with a third-degree sunburn in some choice spots on my body. Determined not to repeat the same episode, I slathered half a bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen on every available patch of skin, cozied up under an umbrella, and called it a good beach experience.
After said beach “sunning,” Katie and I took a long, late afternoon lunch, and topped the evening off at a Marlins game. Out of respect for my liver, I refrained from drinking, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of sleeping without battling a spinning head.
And now, here I am, on a five-hour flight across the country. I have to go to the office tomorrow, and will repeat that process for the remainder of the week. I’m not sure how that’s all going to go down, especially when I consider the fact that we have clients visiting and a presentation in L.A. It will be a tiring week, and I’m already hitting it on empty.
This whole experience of business travel and seeing the city only reinforces my obvious wimpy disposition when it comes to a night-out lifestyle. It also reinforces why I should never have children**: I positively would not survive those early years of late-night feedings.

*I’m still amazed that you’re not required to present a passport when traveling to Miami.
**Also, isn’t there another rule that states you can’t drink caffeine and/or alcohol while preggers? My point exactly. I’ll refrain from breeding.

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Tamara said...

Now you know why we feel so lucky that we got a "two-for-one" deal with Quinn & Logan. I still wince at the memory of sleepless nights and months without caffeine and wine....