Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Little 5-Hundy

FINALLY. I had my first SLO Little 500 experience. This was the fourth edition of the Little 5 oh oh, and for the first time, I wasn't across the country weeping over missing said event.

Here are the basic rules for the five-hundy:

1. Drop handlebars.
2. 700 c wheels
3. Teams
4. 32 laps around the dirt field
5. If you want to take the shortcut on the lap, you have to chug a beer.
6. Fastest team wins.
Our team came in 7th, out of--I don't know--8 teams? Obviously, we need to work on our skills. BUT, we were the only tandem team. Here is a pic of our ride. Notice the drop handlebars? We were fully legal.

We had eight total on our team. Between the attempted beer chugging and laughing, my stomach was all WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? It punished me the rest of the night.

Some teams took it to the next level with their costumes:

Only at the Little 500 can you get away with a front shock AND aerobars. Effin' Awesome.

There were a few crashes.

A live band.

Sometimes, to get going, you needed a little help from your friends.

Eric and I passed one person. It was awesome.

Next time? Oh yeah. Our tandem team will BRING IT.

And hopefully? We'll end up here:

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Tamara said...

OMG that looked like a total blast. I'm so glad you've not grown into a dull, paunchy lady who wears polyester for its convenience. Rock on sister.