Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tour de France Tragedy

Tragedy? Did Contador test positive? Did he crash? NO. So far, all is well. The good Spaniard managed a very respectable 2nd place in yesterday's time trial, beating out Mr. Livestrong by 8 places. It was a fantastic opening time trial, and my dear Cancellara happily took the yellow jersey--hardly a surprise.

Here, my friends, is the tragedy: I HAVE NO WAY TO WATCH THE TOUR. I'm so upset over this. The place that I'm renting for the summer has cable, but no Versus. Wait? State check? Did I really just move back to California? How can I not get Versus here? I have spent hours searching the Interweb to see if I can buy it from a site online to watch it live, and I've had no luck. I don't care if the commentary is in Russian. I just want to watch the race. Every site I've gone to doesn't allow access if you're not from Russia. Or Sweden, or New Zealand, or any of those blessed countries where they're generous enough to allow TdF coverage online, for free.

SO, after a lot of mulling, I've decided that I'm going to pre-order the Tour boxset, and try to avoid all media outlets for the month of July. I could try to go to a sports bar every night and bribe them into turning on Versus, but then I won't be able to hear Phil and Paul's commentary, and, really, it just sucks to watch the Tour that way. I want the full experience. So, unless someone lets me know, in my comments section, how to watch it online, I'm very sorry to say that I won't be posting my commentary about the race this year on my blog. You probably won't want to hear it all in August, or whenever I get the boxset, but I'm guessing I'll be so excited that I just might share it with you anyway. It will be kind of like stepping back in time. We'll all be more enlightened and feel younger as a result.

I have to go now. I need to pour myself another glass of wine and mourn over losing my July to no Tour. I think God is trying to test my faith, or develop tenacity in me. Here I am, in a new town, with no friends, a new job, and no way to watch the Tour. Call me Job. He and I have a lot in common right now. We've lost everything.


Tamara said...

Jim says Youtube is the "official" Le Tour outlet, for whatever it's worth...I think they even paid extra money to have a yellow background.

Anonymous said...

jo! - it's jennifer watson. how are you?!

you can watch the tour, live, free -

Joanna said...

Girl! I miss you! How are you? Are you still in the Winnie? At Mullen? With Will? How did you find my blog?

Anonymous said...

i'm great! how's cali? still in winnie, at mullen (for now) and with will and our boxer!

you gave me the blog name a while ago, and i came across the email the other day!


Anonymous said...

Well, at least I get 2 days of tour coverage at your brother's house.

Ah, life doesn't get any better, a huge flat screen t.v., a cushy couch and LANCE. Dude, you gotta win again, it just isn't the Tour without you in yellow.