Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Miller Lite Invitational

Abran and Jimmy.
Me and Kelly.

The whole crew.

The Cooper brothers.

Hit the ball a bit too hard.

I couldn't leave NC without one last Extreme Croquet tournament. Kelly and John hosted, and once again, Mae the Dog f*&#$^ with people by stealing their croquet balls and making them chase her down. One of my teammates smashed our ball so hard it split wide open, so we had to play with a duct taped ball. We didn't win. The Miller Lite Invitational champions? The Cooper brothers. A disclaimer to their win: I wasn't the only one who noticed there was some not-s0-subtle wicket manipulation by the brothers. A little tilt here, a little tilt there, and wow! The ball went through.

I made some great friends here, and I'll miss them dearly.

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