Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello couch. Let's bond.

Today, me and Mister Couch are getting super cozy. Borderline flirtatious. After yesterday's mt. bike race in HUMID South Carolina, I'm not super motivated to do anything else but park my ass in the same spot. All day.

The race was actually super fun. It was a combination of singletrack, gravel, dirt, and road. I saw some very rural parts of the South, and perched atop my bike, in lycra, I wasn't entirely sure a helmet was going to protect me. I think a shotgun may have been more appropriate. But there was some beautiful scenery (if you could get past the fact that rebel flags were flying proudly on every other driveway), and I was impressed with the trail system.

For the first time EVER, I finished a race ahead of Cullen.* I got 2nd for the women, earning me an engraved glass and an extremely sore ass, thanks to the wrong choice of a bike seat. Most impressive, though, I drank two full camelback bladders--140 ounces of fluid, and I didn't even have to pee at the end! That's some humidity, folks.

* He flatted three times and took a digger on a super-hazardous bridge. Oh, and he rode it on his cyclocross bike. I think he also got lost once. So when I say I beat him, there may have been other factors involved ...

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