Monday, April 20, 2009

Me, getting kicked to the curb by my body.

Here’s a detailed description of my activities this weekend: Couch. Kitchen. Couch. Grocery store. Couch.


In other words, LAZY BOTTOM. My body stepped up and told me, in plain English, no running, no riding, for at least a week. It’s actually been saying that for the past month or so, but I’ve been kindly sticking my fingers in my ears and singing “lalalalalalala” really loudly. Then, on Friday, I met some friends for a trail run, and at about mile 4, I was simply toast. Done. The knowledge that I had 4 miles remaining felt like I was about to get CIAd tortured. And so I made an executive decision to, for reals, take a week off.


Normally, during a typical winter, I’ll get a cold, flu, or some kind of injury that will prevent me from running or riding for a good spell. Or, if I’m feeling competitive, I’ll enter some local trail races, and will be forced to rest by tapering. But in thinking back, I realized that I managed to stay healthy and injury free and haven’t had a down week since after my marathon, in October, so the fact that I’m mentally and physically beaten down right now kind of makes sense.


Also, I have a really weird fascination with this idea that, in case I get stranded from my car 26 miles from home, I should always be in shape to run that distance, so I regularly put in 15 + miles on any given Saturday.


It was actually really nice to truly do nothing this weekend. I’m so used to planning my whole weekend around my riding or running schedule (it’s a simple, low-responsibility life I lead), that to be faced with the possibility of WIDE OPEN, I was so overwhelmed with all of my spare time that I couldn’t find anything to fill it with.


I’m going to try to hold out until Friday. This Saturday may involve a camping/mt. biking trip in Asheville with some friends, so I’ll be back in lycra soon. Just in case you were worried. 

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