Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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p.s. I'm weeping over missing this. Seriously. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Me, getting kicked to the curb by my body.

Here’s a detailed description of my activities this weekend: Couch. Kitchen. Couch. Grocery store. Couch.


In other words, LAZY BOTTOM. My body stepped up and told me, in plain English, no running, no riding, for at least a week. It’s actually been saying that for the past month or so, but I’ve been kindly sticking my fingers in my ears and singing “lalalalalalala” really loudly. Then, on Friday, I met some friends for a trail run, and at about mile 4, I was simply toast. Done. The knowledge that I had 4 miles remaining felt like I was about to get CIAd tortured. And so I made an executive decision to, for reals, take a week off.


Normally, during a typical winter, I’ll get a cold, flu, or some kind of injury that will prevent me from running or riding for a good spell. Or, if I’m feeling competitive, I’ll enter some local trail races, and will be forced to rest by tapering. But in thinking back, I realized that I managed to stay healthy and injury free and haven’t had a down week since after my marathon, in October, so the fact that I’m mentally and physically beaten down right now kind of makes sense.


Also, I have a really weird fascination with this idea that, in case I get stranded from my car 26 miles from home, I should always be in shape to run that distance, so I regularly put in 15 + miles on any given Saturday.


It was actually really nice to truly do nothing this weekend. I’m so used to planning my whole weekend around my riding or running schedule (it’s a simple, low-responsibility life I lead), that to be faced with the possibility of WIDE OPEN, I was so overwhelmed with all of my spare time that I couldn’t find anything to fill it with.


I’m going to try to hold out until Friday. This Saturday may involve a camping/mt. biking trip in Asheville with some friends, so I’ll be back in lycra soon. Just in case you were worried. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SLO and other adventures


I returned last night from a week’s vacation in So. Cal and SLO. I haven’t been in Southern California for THREE YEARS, which is a crazy thought. I had forgotten what it’s like there—mountains + ocean together felt like a radical concept after being on the East Coast these past few years.


Minus the L.A. traffic (props to my dad for driving like a L.A. pro*), we had a great time. My nephews had their first belly dancing/Moroccan dinner experience, my sister and I tried to photosynthesize our skin parts, and we kicked it on La Isla with my parents.


I spent one glorious evening and part of a day in SLO, which wasn’t nearly enough. I met up with my friends for the traditional Taco Tuesday feast, and they filled me in on what’s changed in the three years I’ve been gone. I was happy to see that not much had, minus a few of our friends who sold out got married. They’ve added new bike games to their lineup, most notably, the “Little 500,” which, from what I can tell, consists of beer, 700c wheels, a team-style of racing, dirt, and drop handlebars. Extreme croquet is still played, though there seems to be a lack of Bicycle Polo in the lineup.


Mostly, though, it was so wonderful to be back in the land of no-seasons, red tile roofs, and hills and mountains everywhere. It’s kind of cool to be away so long, because when you go back, it’s a whole-new, radical world.


* This means he’s mastered going 85 in the HOV lane and can effectively cross six lanes of traffic without looking in his rearview mirror. 

Monday, April 06, 2009

And she’s a race mascot, too.


While C and I rotated laps for 6 hrs. during this weekend’s mt. bike race, Mae was biding her time under the truck. She was a welcome companion for each of us after the completion of a lap. We’d stumble back to the truck, try to locate some much-needed fuel, and there she’d be: absolutely ecstatic that she had spotted a familiar face. OH WOW. YOU’RE HERE AND YOU’RE COVERED WITH SALT, WHICH IS ALMOST AS GOOD AS WET DOG FOOD. Mae seems particularly fond of us after we’ve been riding and/or running. Most people would call it dried sweat. Mae calls it Nectar of the Gods.  

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Anticipating the SLO

Next Tuesday I fly out to California. First stop after LAX: SLO. My parents are picking me up, and we’re driving straight up there. I’m having very weird feelings about it all right now. I’m completely thrilled that I’ll be seeing my most favorite people, whom I haven’t seen in over two years, but I’m also having very distinct chest palpitations as my heart is quite clearly readying itself to leave my body and implant itself firmly in the ground there. It has already forewarned me that I may be leaving SLO after only a day and a half, but it is quite intent on staying.

I’ve been having very vivid SLO dreams lately. They wake me up and rob me of sleep for the rest of the night. I swear I love that town far deeper than I’ve ever loved a human being. It’s a strange, strange affair we have going on.

After we depart SLO town (minus my soul), we’ll head down to Balboa Island. My parents are renting a house there and are seriously considering moving to la isla for reals. My sister and her boys will be joining us for the remainder of the week. Here are some tentative goals I’ve outlined for my vay-cay:

  1. Absorb as much sun as I can.
  2. Wear shorts EVERY DAY.
  3. Drink as much wine as my liver mother will permit.
  4. That is all.