Thursday, March 12, 2009

5 months of suck.

Well, the weather tried to get nice. But stepping outside in today’s 40-degree drizzle shows that it tragically failed.


This past weekend was a delightful 80-ish degrees. I got really lost went on a long road ride with some friends, got a handsome sunburn on my arms and legs, threw open my apartment windows* to let in some much needed fresh air, and ate dinner, in the form of a bottle of wine, outside. For a brief 48 hours, I made up with North Carolina.


We’re sleeping in separate bedrooms, again. Which all but confirms why we really must call it quits and separate for good: For five months, I hate this state’s guts.** I hate its deciduous trees, I hate the cold, I hate being mocked with brief reminders of how humane warm weather is, and I hate how city planners don’t know what bike lanes are. I can’t tell you how many close calls I’ve had on my 1.5 mile bike commute to work every day.


I’m quite convinced it’s impossible for a Californian to adapt to seasons and deciduous trees. Don’t laugh, but here’s my latest coping mechanism: It involves visualization, wine, and good music. I come home, turn off the lights, turn up my reggae/surfer/Jack Johnson-esque music, and lay on my couch with a glass of wine. I run through scenes in my mind: my favorite rides in SLO, oak trees, the Napa hills, and any other feel-good scenes from California that happen to flash through.


Then I feel sorry for everyone who lives here because they don’t know any better.  


I know this all sounds bizarre and/or straight-up pitiful, but it’s kind of working.




*For some reason, while writing that, I pictured Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music. 

** I know that this is yet another bitter post. Truly sorry. Come mid-April, or so, you won't want to force feed me a bottle of Prozac after reading my blog. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, I won't rub it in how warm it is here, how many bikes/guys in spandex are using the many bike lanes around here. You can ride along the highway that runs next to the Pacific Ocean, with views to Japan. You can wear a mini-skirt and flip flops and not have goose bumps, Hawaiian shirts are what is meant for "casual Friday". Palm trees are not deciduous, and the flowers everywhere don't understand about being seasonal. If people on the east coast knew this, the earth would tip on its axis as they all moved to the west coast. see you soon.