Friday, February 27, 2009

Work-Time Yoga

Don't hate, but we’re now doing yoga at work. Our bosses decided the most convenient and cost-effective way for them to get their yoga workouts in would be to hire an instructor and have her come to us. So we all benefit. We each chip in $5 a class, and twice a week, during our lunch hour, nine of us shuffle downstairs with our yoga mats and go through an hour of stretches and strenghening stuff.


I’ve always liked the idea of yoga, but when given free hours, I’m a shameless cardio-addict and would much rather hit the trails for a run or grab my bike and annihalate my lungs. Over the years, the cumulative effect of my additction has resulted in extremely tight hamstrings and muscles that know how to churn out lactic acid instead of letting me balance on one leg. I can run really far, but I have a hard time touching my toes.


I’m quite grateful that the yoga is coming to us, because unless it’s this convenient, I’ll never do it. And I really, really need it.


We’ve done three classes so far, and during each session, I’m continually amazed at how aware I become of my muscles, ligaments, and tendons as I coerce them into unknown positions and ask them to stay. It’s giving me an overall awareness of my body, and I’m quite enjoying it. I’ve always had a healthy level of respect for my body and admiration for the distances it allows me to go, but now we’re getting acquainted on a whole new level. It’s a bit humbling recognizing that endurance does not at all translate to yoga strength or flexibility.


I doubt my twice-weekly sessions will result in me doing headstands with my legs in a position resembling a pretzel, nor will I become enlightened from the practice. But I Iike that it calms me and forces me to stretch and strengthen something other than my legs or heart.  

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