Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today’s Lesson in Tour Commentary.

Somebody needs to stuff a wet arm warmer in Craig Hummer’s mouth next time he attempts a Spanish lisp and says “Manthebo” when referring to Spanish rider Francisco Mancebo.

ONLY Phil and Paul are allowed to lithp their words. Paul rarely attempts. Phil tries to lithp words that even Columbus himself wouldn’t have lithped, such as Alethandro Valverde. (For the record, his name is Alejandro—not sure why Phil’s turning that J into a S…)

Phil and Paul are also the only ones who can get away with saying things such as “…and the first pedal has been turned in anger!” And, "He's dancing on his pedals in a most immodest way!” Phil’s also the only one who can get away with calling any man tipping the scales over 150 “Big.”

“Big Maggie Backstedt.”

“Big George.”

Unfortunately, that label also caught on in the 2008 TDF, when Craig attempted to label a few men “Big.”

Again, no. Craig: You go to your corner and speak American English.

Phil and Paul, you go to yours. You may thay anything. 

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