Friday, February 13, 2009

Tour of California: The official notes.


“I’ve slept with Paul Sherwin now more than his wife.”
Race announcer Phil Liggett, on his long-term partnership with colleague Paul Sherwin.

What better way to introduce my second favorite cycling race than an eloquent quote from the legendary Phil Liggett? In case you've had your head in the sand for the past few weeks, I'll bring you up to speed on what's coming up next week and give you an upfront reason why I won't be available between the hours of 5-7 p.m . LIVE COVERAGE OF THE TOUR OF CALIFORNIA, MO-FOS! 

I'm so excited I'm all twitchy. All of the dopers have served their time and are back in the peloton for the massive throwdown. I doubt many are concerned that it's only February, and really, too soon to be turning themselves inside out. They might regret it come May, or July, but I'm pretty confident that next week is going to be replete with some amazing racing. 

Lance is there. Overrated. Defending champion (and Lance's teammate) Leipheimer is there. The two men who want to marry me, but just don't realize it yet, Ivan Basso and Tom Boonen are there. Whoa? Hello Tyler Hamilton. That man has an insane pain threshold (watching him win a mountain stage with a broken collarbone? You have to respect that) and apparently, an affinity for recycling his own blood. Carlos Sastre, defending Tour de France champion. That dude doesn't hide the pain he's feeling--if you ever watch him race, he plasters the hurt all over his cheeks. He needs to work on his poker face. Then there's Mark Cavendish. HOT. But too young for me. And a wee bit too short, but nevertheless, I can't peel my eyes off of him when he's interviewed. And Floyd Landis. The man who convinced himself he never took testosterone. AGGGHHH. I'm so excited just typing about all of the peloton players. I can't stand it.

It's cool seeing how the Tour of Cal has exploded and become such a huge spectator event/media frenzy. I saw the inaugural years, when SLO had a stage finish/start, and even though the race didn't have all of the major players then, it was still a very cool event. But this year will be spectacular--it's a world class lineup, and basically, a mini-Tour de France. I'm highly jealous of all of my friends out there watching stages live. I won't be answering the phone when they call to rub it in. 

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waawaa said...

Well, how's this for salt in the wounds: mom and dad have front row seats at the finish line for the stage that ends in Oakdale. Ouch.