Monday, February 09, 2009

I'm being mocked.


This past weekend, to spite me for my libelous last post, the North Cackliacky weather decided to flip me a giant Eff-You Bird and prove that it is capable of mocking us with 70 degree temps in February. I think my face remembered how to smile again. For two blessed days, the temps were in the 70s,* and I spent my weekend re-kindling my affair with my bikes. I did a mt. bike ride on Saturday, which was unfortunately quite muddy, because the frozen ground THAWED OUT. On Sunday, because sometimes I’m either stupid or brave, I joined up with a local group ride and hammered around with 30 men and 1 woman** for 58 miles.


I say stupid or brave because I haven’t been on my road bike since an unfortunate freezing January 1st ride, where I was so miserable during a 60 mile ride, that I seriously considered stopping on the side of the road and calling a cab. My plans were thwarted when I realized I only had $2 on me, had no cell phone reception, and correctly assumed the closest cab company was probably in Charlotte. Anyhow, running, surprisingly, seems to keep me in adequate shape for riding. I actually felt really strong yesterday, and it was such a welcome thrill to again feel the rush of being crammed in the middle of a peloton and riding fast. I will never tire of that feeling. I squealed in delight when I came home and discovered I have the slightest farmer tan beginning on my arms—the jersey tan. The hallowed tattoo of cyclists everywhere. MY FIRST SUNBURN OF THE SEASON.

 *I was TOTALLY joking when I said I would bear children someday if the temps reached the 70s for one hour. That was actually a typo. It has to get up to at least 90, in February. And the sky has to turn green.

** Let me take this opportunity to point out another difference between the South and California: In California, it’s not an apocalyptic event when women show up for group rides. Women there ride. Fast. A lot of women.  

***One final note: Just because I posted a picture of Lance Armstrong's tan line does not mean I'm a fan of his comeback. The only comeback of his that I support is a comeback with his original wife. 






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