Friday, January 16, 2009


With the temps in the teens and low 20s this past week, I’ve found myself slipping into hibernation mode. I don’t feel like being social, and trying to convince myself to go outside for a run sounds about as exciting as giving a cat a bath. I’m looking forward to spending the majority of the weekend encased in a down blanket watching Netflix movies. It will be too cold to go out for drinks in the evening, and anyways, I find my capacity for social interaction wanes as the temperatures drop. Good conversations with close friends can wait until the weather warms a bit.


I find myself slowly shutting down in weather like this. It’s not that I’m feeling depressed—I’m just feeling the need to hole up in a cocoon and slow my energy expenditure. Similar to a good night’s sleep, I’m hoping that half-dozing through these winter days will make them pass faster. I’ll be fully myself, once again, when the leaves start re-appearing on the trees. I’ll again start stepping out in the evenings to meet with friends, dust off my bikes for weekend rides, and re-engage with the world. 

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Lizzie said...

I echo your feeling. I love the mornings, but right now - with the weather below freezing and the mornings black -i'm tucked in for a long winters nap