Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year-in-Review Post

I think 2009, for many, will go down as a rather-would-forget it year. Reflecting back, I still feel ambivalent about it all. It wasn’t a fantastic year—honestly. Though I find in life rarely are there long stretches of awesome anything. Each piece has its unique highs and lows. For me, 2009 started off rather poorly, but I had some good changes along the way, and I find myself going into 2009, like much of the country—hopeful.


My year started off with a pretty sucky breakup. That flavored much of the beginning of the year as I attempted to put things back together and move forward. My company lost our largest account, and with layoffs imminent, I began looking for another job. I found one, and even though it turned out I wasn’t going to lose my job, I accepted and moved towns. This required putting my house up for rent and renting a condo, but it all worked out quite nicely, as I had been wanting to move to Greensboro. I spent my summer training for another marathon, which around here, requires serious electrolyte deficiency to survive the humidity.  My family flew out and we spent a week being lazy on the Outer Banks. I began my new job, which I’m still totally in love with, and I consider myself blessed that I look forward to work each day.


I’ve been reunited with road biking—kind of. There are seasons here—it’s definitely not the California Central Coast climate, but when the weather’s nice, I’ve been enjoying re-familiarizing my body with a suffering quite unique to road riding. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will probably never once again experience the sheer awesomeness of collegiate road cycling and a year-round bike socialite experience, but I suppose that you occasionally have to trade in some things for others.


My dating life is hardly enviable, but it’s been speckled with some interesting characters. I won’t go into details—out of respect for others’ privacy, but suffice to say, I think I’ve kept my friends entertained with stories.


I still sometimes find it surprising that I’m living across the country, in North Carolina—and that I’ve stayed for two years. I do enjoy it here, and I consider it home.  Occasionally I find myself quite nostalgic for California—lately, actually, this has been happening a lot, thanks to Facebook.  It’s eerie how many people I’ve gotten in touch with through Facebook—people who I haven’t thought about in years. Friends from elementary school. Friends from high school, college, traveling. It makes me reminisce a lot, and when I see how many of them are still connected—because they live close by, I sometimes miss those connections and that history.


My grandmother passed away this month, and she will be dearly missed. She lived 90 wonderful years, touched many lives, and died a happy woman. I believe we can all envy her for that.


I’m curious to see what 2009 has in store. I feel a bit hardened—numb, sometimes, from 2008, so my armor is feeling quite ready for 2009. I’m hoping it will be kind


Tamara said...

First of all, 2009 will be better because in a few short weeks we can kiss the harsh reign of the Bush dynasty goodbye and usher in a new president and new era. So already, it's shaping up to be way aweseomer than 2008, even without the boyfriends. Also, you have the most awesomest sister and nephews and brother-in-law, so that's pretty awesome. And, really now, would you want to be in California where you have to hold down two jobs, or sell things illegally, just to afford living there?! Just be glad we have parents who have relocated to an awesome part of California where we can visit. Awesome. Just un-cork a bottle of bubbly and be grateful for all the marriages you didn't get yourself into. Love to you sweet sister.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you haven't got "hooked" into the social biking scene here in GSO. Join the google group Triad Cycling to find group rides every weekend day..and during the spring and summer during the week too. There is a women's only ride (WOWR) too!!!! Lots of friendly cyclists, really. Go to Cycles de Oro or Friendly Bike (on Spring Garden) to find more folks to ride with

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