Monday, November 10, 2008

Morning Running

With the time change, I’ve had to switch my running schedule from after work to before work. Fortunately, I work in advertising, where we drink inebriating substances at the office and the work day doesn’t begin until 9 a.m, so this gives me ample time for a nice morning shot of trail goodness.

It’s really quite breathtaking to see the leaf-covered trails bathed in light as the sun comes up. The yellow hue of the freshly-fallen leaves has a bioluminescent quality, and this morning, the chilly temps caused fog to hover just above the lake. I bring Mae with me, and the two of us awaken our sleepy bodies by dodging tangled roots and tree limbs in the still-dark woods. By the time the sun is up enough for me to turn off my headlight, I’m fully awake and grateful to be starting my day on singletrack.

Getting up at 6:00 has been a bit of an adjustment, but if I preset my coffee maker the night before and lay out my running clothes, it makes it easier to go through the necessary motions of leaving my house. Plus, it’s a bonus not rushing home from work to face the prospect of running in waning versus waxing light.

I’m not nearly as bitter about the time change now that I’ve discovered morning running. I might even forgive the leaves for falling this year.


Anonymous said...

tried the getting up early thing, just not for me. I just keep the after work schedule going and slap on a nice bright headlight when I run.

Lizzie said...

You make me want to be a better woman and get back out on the morning roads... I will attempt...tomorrow