Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, another perk about my new kick-ass job (KAJ, for short), is that we get to choose our own titles. So my job description is Account Executive, but that's not my title. Get it? I get to PICK my title.
Prince Charles doesn't even get to do that. "Prince" was chosen eons ago.

Take that, Royalty.

Here are some titles other office mates have:

Speaker of the House
Creative Creature
Fearless Leader
Brand Charmer
Master of Domains
Cerebral Cortex

Here are some titles I'm considering:

Squadron Commander
Czar of Bluezoomssia
Directeur Sportif

I'm currently favoring the last one. For those of you minions who don't have Velo News as your homepage, a Directeur Sportif is a cycling team director/coach. Johan Bruyneel is an example. He coache(s)(ed) Lance. Sidenote: Contador should bail and find another team.

Help me brainstorm, people. Send me ideas and/or vote on the three I have chosen. This is very important! This title will go on my business card! I use them all the time for free sandwich drawings.

How cool will that be when I win a free sandwich?

Quiznos: Hello, can I speak to Joanna, Directeur Sportif?

Me: Speaking.

Quiznos: You've won a free sandwich!

Me: Awesome.


Anonymous said...

1 vote Directeur Sportif

tamara Irminger-Underwood said...

I don't know. I really like Czar of Bluezoomssia, but I'll try and think of some others and send them your way.

Anonymous said...

how about Princess Directeur. Everyone should know your princess status. A tiara would be a nice touch to wear at work.


Anonymous said...

I have some more ideas:'

Princess Sara Bellum

Princess of Bluezoomdom
Bluez' Brainiac