Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mae is highly confused

Mae, SuperMutt, is a bit conflicted at the moment. She’s not sure who she should be trying to kill bark at. When we lived in my house, it was obvious: She was the Almighty Defender of the house. Anyone walking by, or who looked in the wrong direction toward our property, got the Bark Treatment. But now, we live in this condo complex, and it’s totally thrown her off. Is she defending me? Is she defending the whole complex, or just our place? And what about all of those people walking around below, who appear to also live there? Do they need to be killed? Or are they okay?
She sits, stressed out, perched on the window sill, with her legs half on the couch. Peering out, she’s lapsed into an eery silence. I can see her little dog brain wheels in motion. BARK. no. they’re okay. OKAY, NOW BARK! no, they appear to reside here, too. THEY’RE DEFINITELY GOING TO BREAK IN AND STEAL MY STUFFED SQUIRREL! BARK. no, wait, that appears to be one of those small human beings running along.
damn it.
Sometimes, she’ll give me this look, as if to say…okay. woman. I’m trying to defend you against the evil forces in the world, but you’ve given me a territory, that, quite honestly, is too big to defend. And I’m like, dude, I know. But I’m happy for the silence.

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