Friday, October 24, 2008

Album Review: Rachel Yamagata Elephant…Teeth Sinking into Heart

Thank God this album was not around when I was going through my breakup last winter—I just might have attempted self-euthanasia. So, assuming you’re on fairly stable ground, and not on any antidepressants, anxiety medications, or Haldol, I highly suggest buying it. If you are taking any of the above medications, you might find yourself reaching for a plastic spork to rip out your own heart.

All sarcasm aside, Rachel’s album is hauntingly beautiful, wonderful, and dark. It will bring you back to those lovesick moments in your past when it was a struggle to emerge from the sheets each morning, and you frequently found yourself staring into space and disconnected from life. Listening to it evokes the closest sensation you will feel of heartbreak, without actually having the pleasure of feeling your insides cut in half.

My favorite track, simply titled “Duet” is a duet she did with Ray LaMontagne—who, incidentally, also came out with a new album recently. In typical Ray fashion, it makes you reach for bottle(s) of wine while listening.

The two of them together—stunning.

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