Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello, Old Friend

I feel as though I've had an arm chopped-off and re-attached. Fortunately, that didn't really happen because such a procedure would no doubt leave a burly scar. No, rather than expose myself to the mysterious powers of anesthesia, I've simply sought out that re-attachment sensation by buying myself a road bike.

And now, I'm once again quite complete.

Many lovely changes have occurred lately: a new job, new town, new dwellings, and now, a new means to explore all of this on the back of a bike. My new friend will undoubtedly take me away from some trail running time, but after this coming Saturday's marathon, I think I'll be quite partial to that idea.

I'm hoping she'll introduce me to some new people and great roads. And, perhaps now that we've been reunited, road biking and me, Tom Boonen will finally realize that he and I are, indeed, soul mates.*  **

* And hopefully, he'll also stop using "recreational" cocaine. 

** I would be open to the suggestion of moving to Monaco with him.


Anonymous said...

You might want to make sure he learns to drive that lambo as well.

Anonymous said...

a response to your post on my blog --- Joanna - Greensboro Velo Club is a good group with lots of different types of riders. http://www.greensborovelo.com/ Group rides are posted on this website. You can also go to the tab on left at has email group and sign up, alot of folks organize rides that way. Look forward to seeing you out on a ride.