Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello, Old Friend

I feel as though I've had an arm chopped-off and re-attached. Fortunately, that didn't really happen because such a procedure would no doubt leave a burly scar. No, rather than expose myself to the mysterious powers of anesthesia, I've simply sought out that re-attachment sensation by buying myself a road bike.

And now, I'm once again quite complete.

Many lovely changes have occurred lately: a new job, new town, new dwellings, and now, a new means to explore all of this on the back of a bike. My new friend will undoubtedly take me away from some trail running time, but after this coming Saturday's marathon, I think I'll be quite partial to that idea.

I'm hoping she'll introduce me to some new people and great roads. And, perhaps now that we've been reunited, road biking and me, Tom Boonen will finally realize that he and I are, indeed, soul mates.*  **

* And hopefully, he'll also stop using "recreational" cocaine. 

** I would be open to the suggestion of moving to Monaco with him.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

G-boro Bound

I'm officially moving from the Winnie to the Greenie. Next week. And I'm thrilled.
Since moving to the South two years ago, I've lived in Winston-Salem. It's a nice town--quiet, pretty, quiet. But I've had my heart set on Greensboro, 40 minutes down the road, for some time.
The 40 miles of singletrack may or may not have everything something to do with my decision. But Greensboro is a bigger town, boasts a population of younger folk who haven't been married by age 22 (must be a Southern Baptist thing that stipulates people marry so efffin young), has better cycling/running options, AND a better downtown.
Where, conveniently, I now work and will soon live. Next week.

I AM A LANDLORD, bizaaatches. That's right. I have the power to evict. After interviewing numerous potential tenants from my Craigslist listing, I picked one who seemed like she would take care of my little house, made her sign an eight-page lease, and told her I prefer to be addressed as Landlord. With a capital L. I will call her serf. Lowercase.

I rented a condo downtown, which means I will be able to ride my bike or walk to work.
I will miss having my very own backyard (where will we play Extreme Croquet?) and walls not shared with neighbors, but whatevs.

I will also respond to Ms. Landlord.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

My life is awesome

Yup. Be really jealous of me. Because my life is now officially awesome.

After two years of spending my life in a cubicle at a fairly large advertising agency, I have departed to serve at Bluezoom, the most kick-ass place I've ever hung out. It also happens to be my new place of employment. I've gone from a 250 person cubicle-filled behemoth to a 10-person shop. The most creative, talented people I've ever been around fill the place, and it feels more like hanging out and kicking around artistic ideas than being at work. But there's more.

Today, my boss asked me to help him figure out how we can build bike racks downstairs. That was step 1 of his awesomeness. Then, he asked if I would like to be in charge of hunting down used bikes/skateboards/transportation thingies that don't involve petrol, which we will store in the kick-ass space that I will help design, so if we, as in, us Bluezoomers, feel inclined to grab a bike and head down the street to grab some grub, or a beer, or whatever, our alternate means of transportation will be readily at our disposal.

I was like, dude, and can I also be the Official Extreme Croquet Tournament Organizer? Because we're so going to have to play. And he was like, cool.

So that is why my life is probably more awesome than yours.