Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Jose Cuervo Classic

I've decided to begin a tradition in NC that my friends in San Luis and I faithfully carried out: Extreme Croquet. What makes it so Extreme you ask? Well, first off, it must be titled according to the beverages being consumed. So, following tradition, my first NC tournament was aptly named: "The Jose Cuervo Classic."
So, that, for one, makes it Extreme. Trying to drink copious amounts of tequila* while doing anything certainly feels Extreme.
Secondly, we played in my backyard, which is basically a downhill slope. And it was dark, so we wore headlamps. Instead of placing the wickets in neat little rows, they are scattered about, with numbers, so you smash the ball through sequentially.
And lastly, my dear dog, Mae, added to the Extreme-ness. She was quite fond of the yellow and orange balls, in particular. For Mae, we were playing Extreme Fetch. A new rule quickly became that you had to play from wherever she dropped it. The porch, in a hole under the stairs--she had certain preferences. People suddenly became possesive of their balls after striking them and began guarding them in an odd manner.
If that's not Extreme, I don't know what is.

* Note for future tournaments: I do not recommend drinking anything over 5 proof after doing a 4-hour run. It's Tuesday. I'm still hungover.

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