Monday, July 07, 2008

The Tour

The tour has begunnuth. I look forward to July all year because no matter how stressed or sad or whatever it is I’m feeling, if I’m watching a cycling race, my problems are suspended for those few hours.
This will be an interesting tour. No huge contenders. I’m sure doping scandals will erupt. They always do—even though the teams (American ones, at least) are taking extra precautions against doping. I’m predicting it will be the hypocritical French that get caught with the EPO bags stuffed in the trunk. Serves em right. They’re always in denial about their own drug problems. If you don’t believe me, Google “Richard Virenque.”
I haven’t yet picked a favorite. I’d love to see an underdog win—someone come up from out of the blue. Like last year—Contador gave life to a sordid drug mess.
Vive le tour.

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Salsa Shark said...

Scathing commentary.

Horrendous logo.