Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Danger! Drought!

Of the many things I find humorous about living in North Carolina, one that stands out is this constant worry that we're in a major drought. Just this morning, on NPR, the local news was all about major water conservation! Action people! We're in a drought! Don't water your lawns (Editors Note: You don't have to because it rains...a lot.) And don't wash your cars! In fact, don't even do your laundry or take a shower because we're about to run out of water! And while you're at it, make sure you buy that there bottle'ed wata' from o'er there in South Carolin', 'cause we shoore don' wanna' use up our 'heay wata'.

Um, "y'all" don't know what a drought or dry weather is.

The grass here is GREEN in the summer. We actually have rain here (a lot of rain) in the summer. And half the state doesn't catch on fire every time we have a thunderstorm. Or anytime anyone even fantasizes about fireworks. I guess the Californian in me remains quite incredulous that people here panic if we don't surpass 40 inches of rain a year.

Here are some stats:
Average rainfall in Greensboro/Winston-Salem: 44.5 inches
Average rainfall in Seattle, WA: 37 inches
Average rainfall in Portland, OR: 37 inches
Average rainfall in San Luis Obispo, CA (the hometown in my heart): 24 inches

Am I making a point? We're not in a "drought," people. We're doing just fine. So please, by all means, take a shower.

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