Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is itchy

I'm basically a walking welt right now. I love summer, I really do, but to keep a nice balanced perspective on everything, I feel it best to pick something to complain about.

I have poison oak, and mosquito bites and I itch so f#(&@^9 bad right now. I keep Calamine lotion in my purse (right next to my checkbook and lipstick), so I'm really trying to be good and not scratch. But aghhhh, it's hard.

The poison oak I got last week. I foolishly did a trail run and didn't shower right when I got home. I woke up the next morning with the consequence. A whole week has gone by, and the stubborn rash won't go away. I do pretty well throughout the day not scratching (the Calamine lotion does help), but then at night, totally not my fault! I scratch in my sleep and even have dreams about scratching.

And mosquitos love me. Looooove me. Especially my ankles. Even though I militantly spray myself down with bug spray prior to stepping outside, they still bite me. Maybe I need the stuff that has more Deet. Cancer schmancer.

Why is it that mosquitos don't bite some people, but others they discriminately attack? I can be sitting next to someone, and he/she will have no bites, no harrassment; meanwhile, my blood is the last supper for a few ratty mosquitos. And my skin welts so bad from bites--I get some kind of reaction where instead of just a little, discreet pin-head size bump, I get welts the size of dollar bills.

Maybe I'll just wrap myself in mosquito netting and don that the rest of the summer.

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