Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today is Father's Day, and though I tend to be wary of holidays that seem to be invented for the purpose of selling cards, it does seem like an appropriate opportunity to write about my dad.

I'm a lucky girl. Truly. I have an awesome dad, and I know that I don't take enough time to appreciate that fact. I know many who are not so fortunate. My dad and I are close--always have been. Maybe it's the tomboy in me that relates to him. Even if he wasn't my dad, though, he's someone I would love to know and hang out with. I respect him enormously--his work ethic, his values, his success, his competitiveness, and his optimism. He is the most carefree man I've ever met--when he's really stressed, you rarely know. I wish, in many ways, I took after him more.

Living across the country can be tough sometimes--I miss seeing him, especially on days like today. Often, when I'm home, I find myself tagging along with him, his shadow. I watch him work on his boat, or I go watch his swim practice and linger for frozen yogurt at the end with him and his friends. I pester him to let me drive his car. I laugh when he lights his pipe and we tell my mom to lighten up when she complains about the smoke. We sit out on the patio in the evenings, drinking beers and looking at the stars.

My dad is the reason I got into cycling, and to this day, why I still love endurance events. Skiing, the ocean, dark beer, love of travel, non-fiction books, jazz, a good game of cards--all of this, comes from my dad. I cannot imagine the type of girl I would have turned out to be had he not been around.

So here's to you, dad.

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Tamara Underwood said...

Oh, thanks Jo. You write a nice post about dad and now I feel guilty for not doing the same. Great photo you posted of him. I always have a laugh when I see him with a pipe in his mouth! Well, since I didn't write a special Father's Day post on my website, I'll just concur with yours. Here's to you dad!