Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh, tequila

For Cinco de Mayo, that holiday that’s about as significant to Mexicans, as, say Columbus Day is to Americans, I had a party. I didn’t know I was going to have a party until, oh, Saturday night. At a bar, where many good ideas are born, Kelly and I decided that we needed to gather our friends together to drink margaritas. And tequila. So I sent out a very informal note to my work friends and running friends on Sunday night, and it was official.
About 20 of us crammed into my small house. I had never mixed my running friends with my work friends, and, interestingly, even with all of those margaritas, people remained segregated. But we had a blast—esp. when the tequila shots began. My running buddies, Diego and Fernando, brought “lo autentico” tequila from Mexico. This was not tequila you dared mix with syrupy pre-made margarita mix. So we began devising reasons to shoot our cups back and came up with multiple toasts that seemed worthy of a shot.
The night is kind of a blur after that.
But as it wound down, and my work friends began leaving (it was, after all, a Monday night), the Salsa music got turned up on my stereo, and we salsa-ed until we were worn out. I remembered, quite quickly, why I enjoyed my time in Ecuador and Costa Rica so much—the dancing men.
Ambitiously, Diego, Fernando, Kelly and I made it to our Tuesday tempo run the next evening--and surprisingly, we ran it really fast--it was my fastest time on that route. So maybe that tequila had some magic properties that enhance running. We'll have to revisit soon.
So I’ll post pictures soon. It was a fabulous Cinco de Mayo.


Tamara Irminger said...

I mailed off your USB cord yesterday so you upload all those photos from your Cinco de Mayo party. Sounds like you had a blast! As I told you, we ate Coconut Curry. No avocados, no chips, no tequila. Just spicy curry and wine.

Tamara Irminger-Underwood said...

Yeah, you received the USB cord, because there are now photos with this post. So funny. Mom and I laughed, especially at the first photo. What is that you're wearing around your neck?! Looks like we all missed out on lots of fun.