Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hobby Park

I discovered a new set of trails last night—and they’re close to my house. Finding new trails (and close by!) for me is a bit like finding 20 bucks on a sidewalk. It totally makes my day.
My buddy John (my friend Kelly’s husband) and I have been trying to get in a good mt. bike ride at least once a week, and though I’ve heard of Hobby Park, I had yet to explore the trails there.
I love, love mt. biking. Esp. the east coast “style,” which is quite different from the mt. biking I had become accustomed to when I lived in San Luis Obispo. In SLO, we had wonderful, long climbs, good singletrack—and very technical (translation: super rocky) trails, so it was a great place to learn. Out here, parks with rooty, twisty singletrack abound. I like Hobby so much because it’s more technical than a lot of the trails close by here—lots of short steep climbs, followed by steep rooty downhills. The potential and probability that I’m going to eat it, hard, out there, is quite high. They’re the type of trails that you can pick up a lot of speed on, which you enjoy quite a bit, until you realize there’s a super sharp turn ahead, flanked by trees. Thank God for disc brakes.
So that’s it. I just wanted to say that I found some new trails and I’m quite pleased. Long live singletrack.

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