Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SATC marathon

Some girlfriends and I are currently in the middle of a Sex and the City marathon. We’re trying to watch all of the seasons before the movie comes out in late May. There are a lot of episodes to go through—it takes a lot of planning to get the four of us together, and a lot of wine is consumed during each showing.
Ironically, I never watched SATC when it was on HBO. Mostly that was due to the fact that I rarely had a TV during my college years (and still don’t.) I first started watching it a few years ago when one of my roommates had some of the seasons on DVD. I found myself becoming strangely addicted to the world of Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha. Their world was, and is, so completely different from mine (and their philosophies on sex), but the topics? I could, and do, relate.
So right now, the girls and I are in the middle of season three, which so far is my favorite. I’m most intrigued by Carrie and Big’s relationship. Other men come into her life--most notably Aidan--who treats her wonderfully, and is emotionally available, but she can’t shake her addiction to Big—even after he gets married, and they begin an affair. You watch it and you think, you idiot! Why are you risking a great relationship with a man who loves you for a man who is cheating on his wife to be with you, and who, when he was with you, treated you like s#*&? But I get it, however nonsensical it may seem.
Why do certain men make a woman throw out her good sense, when she knows he’s going to hurt her? Is it the rejection/still want you back element? Hard to get? The competitive factor? Or is it just simply that some men you have a connection with, and it is rare, and you realize that every other man after him will never measure up? I suppose such scenarios comprise the plot of every good love story every written.
So I’m looking forward to every get-together, when we settle in and drink our wine and watch the escapades of the four New York women. We can relate to their fears, feel--well-- slightly shocked, by some of their adventures, and even though it’s a fictional world we’re observing, it too often parallels real life to be fake.