Monday, February 18, 2008

Myrtle Beach weekend

I spent this past weekend in Myrtle Beach with a big group of girls from my running group, and predictably, we ran. We competed in the Myrtle Beach Relay Marathon, which was quite fun. I’ve never done a relay before, but I quite enjoyed it. (Save for the last mile.) We divided it up into chunks of five miles, with the last being a 6.2 mile leg. Since there were only four girls on my team, our best runner, Sarah, ran 10 miles.

Almost as fun as hanging out around so many athletic people (I think there were 11,000 entrants?) was the navigating-to-our tradeoff spots. Many roads were closed, so it was more like orienteering as we found our way to each spot, deposited a runner and picked one up. The weather was beautiful for running—in the 60s. Well, okay, by the time it was my leg to run, it was in the 60s.

I haven’t done a 10k since September, pre-surgery, and I was disappointed/okay with the fact that my time was exactly the same. I suppose it’s okay because I did take a few months off, but, I just feel faster right now, so I was hoping for a better time.
I did feel slightly guilty passing so many true marathoners, who had run 20 + miles by the time I was beginning my first. I remember being totally demoralized at the trail marathon I did when relay-ers would pass because it was never entirely clear if they were running the relay or the full thing.
I’m rambling.

Mostly, it was great to get out of Winston and away from a very bad week. I spent time with girls I really enjoy being around, danced in a rather, um…typical Myrtle Beach club, and drank enough to make it fun to dance in said club.
For those of you who don’t know, Myrtle Beach isn’t exactly a “classy town.” No, try over-touristy tacky strip malls, big hotels, and the token “Planet Hollywood” restaurant town. But no matter. It was a good weekend.

And now it’s Monday. I’m getting through it.

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