Thursday, January 10, 2008

There's too much candy in this place

At work, I sit right near the giant Jelly Belly jar. The jar is never empty—it is constantly refilled, courtesy of office management. Below the Jelly Belly jar is a drawer full of mini chocolate bars—also refilled consistently, courtesy of the management.
At times, I’m quite grateful for the endless supply of sugar around the office. Sometimes, chocolate helps me through my day like nothing else can. Other times, I’m not a fan of the endless sweets. For one, it’s entirely too tempting to pass the jelly beans without grabbing a few. Secondly, I’m sure my teeth (and my bum) would appreciate it if I’d lay off the suga’.
I have horrible self-control (as in, barely none), when it comes to sweets. I like quality sweets, though: decadent ice cream, dark chocolate, and—not so quality, perhaps: cookie dough. But around here, I satisfy my craving with itty-bitty, odd flavored jelly beans.
Sometimes, I like to convince myself that they’re catabolic. I think I heard somewhere that Jelly Bellys only have, like, 6 calories per bean. Surely it takes 6 calories to digest one bean?
Somebody—take them away…

In totally unrelated news, check out Sara Tavares. She's a singer/songwriter from Portugal, but her music is infused with African/island rythyms. Her voice is soulful and smooth, and the beats behind her voice definitely ring of island influences.
She's lovely. Much better than jelly beans.

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sistah said...

Careful of the sweets. It is corporate's way of making everyone so fat and unattractive (rotting teeth, huge ass) that they won't get hired anywhere else and they'll have you for life...