Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joe is a whiner

This blog is for Joe. Not me, Jo, but Joe, with an "e" at the end.
He just called me, whining (as usual). His complaint? I don't blog enough, and lately, when I do, I just whine.
Um, hello? Isn't that what blogs are for? To have your own little cyberspace corner to whine?
So, flipping back through my blogs, I see that, hmmmm, maybe Joe's got a point. Previous posts include such topics as homesickness, foot surgery and barfing, crying like a girl after I ran a marathon (wait, I AM a girl), break-up stuff, etc. I seem like a rather depressing person. Maybe that's why Joe keeps bailing on wine/board games.

So here's my happy space:
I have a great life. I like my job. I get to leave at 5:30 every day. I have the most awesome dog ever. I get to run again, in early January. I'm drinking much less soda than I used to. (But maybe slightly more beer.) I just bought some Christmas decorations for my house--even though it kind of goes against my low-consumerism philosophy. But my house is cherry and sleigh bells ring-ring-ringy right now.

There. Joe. Are you happy?


Salsa Shark said...

Is that 5:30 Central Time? Whiner.

Tamara said...

Ooohh. That's a funny comment by Salsa Shark. Glad to hear that you like your life, even when you don't.