Monday, November 19, 2007

As Thanksgiving nears...

I’m going to be completely honest: sometimes I get homesick. Not really for any particular place—I don’t get homesick for my hometown, but I miss my parent’s house during the holidays. I miss San Luis sometimes, too. But not really San Luis, per say. I miss having fantastic mountain biking, right there. Out my back door. I miss the lifestyle. But because it’s almost the holidays, I’m missing my family, and living close to everyone—close enough to drive home, instead of flying. I’m not flying home for the holidays this year, and I didn’t last year, and I understand, that as long as I live across the country, flying home is not a fun activity, since it involves long airport lines, and a very good possibility of getting bumped off flights.
I sometimes (this is a recent thing) think about moving back closer to family. I’m not even sure where that is anymore. My parents are in California. My siblings are in Oregon. I have grandparents in Washington. Cousins and an uncle and an aunt in Nevada.
My parents are talking about moving to Mt. Hood, near my brother, in a few years. I kind of like the thought of being closer to all of them in the future. Seattle? Portland? Not bad cities. Close to good skiing. Mt. biking there is good, so is the running. I do know that wherever I live, the outdoor recreation is paramount. You’ll never find me in, say, Fresno.
I’m kind of at a loss to explain this sudden homesickness, or whatever it may be. Perhaps I’m just feeling a bit suffocated at the moment. I kind of see my life laid out if I stay here, and granted, I think I would have a very good life here. But then again, I’ve always been a bit transient, and I like tackling new adventures and places. I’m not ready to move, anytime soon, at all. I still love NC. I’m content here, and I want to stay in my current job for at least 2 more years. But sometimes, it’s a nice escape to think about possibilities. I guess we all need that.


Tamara said...

Yeah, if you lived closer you could be eating Thanksgiving Seafood Gumbo with us this year. We'll miss you.

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