Monday, October 01, 2007

Girly weekend

This past weekend I drove to Nashville for my dear friend Kara's bachelorette party. It wasn't the "typical" put-a-tiara-on-her-head-and-take-her-to-the-bars type of weekend. (Thank goodness.) Instead, 6 of us spent the weekend at her friend Ashley's house just being girls. Mojitos were involved. There was a lot of sex-talk and lingerie-giving. I haven't had an all-girls weekend in so long, and it was just fantastic. There's something irreplaceable about a bunch of girls spending that much time together that is just, well, irreplaceable.
Many of Kara's friends who were there she's known since elementary school. Their friendship runs deep. I was envious, slightly, because I realized that I don't have contact with girls I went through school with--mainly out of choice, but still, I don't have those unique friendships in my life. My best friend John and I still keep in contact with each other--we've known each other since third grade--but I didn't care to maintain friendships with many of the girls I grew up with. And now, living across the country, I'm struggling to maintain contact with my college friends, though I value their friendships very much.
Many of my closest friends through the years have been guys. In grad school, all of my friends were guys, and my memories of hanging out with them are fantastic. But guys aren't very good at keeping in touch. And you can't talk to guys the same as you can to girls. (Though I'm sure many of them would have loved to have overheard the sex talk.)
I've met some great girls since moving to NC, but I feel that I'm in this strange spot right now: I don't yet have substantial time with them, so I still feel a bit like a drifter, not really entrenched in any one place. It feels lonely at times. I know that if I stay here, for the long term, those friendships will deepen, but right now, I do miss the feeling of feeling rooted.

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