Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn has hit

Wow. Overnight Autumn has hit. I'm still adjusting to this whole "season" thing. We went from humidity and 95 degree days to 70s, no humidity, and a delicious crispness in the air. In one day. The leaves even emanate a different smell. I cannot absorb the loveliness of the outside air enough. Being inside all day at the office right now is absolutely stifling, when there's so much beauty to absorb outside, just by breathing.
Soon the leaves will display their glorious palettes, in one last hurrah before dropping. I almost fear that stage: it's beautiful, the colors, but I don't like the bareness of winter here. The absense of foilage is startling, and I found it rather depressing last winter. Instead of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I seem to have Barren Tree Disorder.
So I love/dislike this whole fall thing. But I'll take it.

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